a survey of 16,819 banner-ads, from 42,300 websites and apps, over 365 days

Shocking News: UK dating scene explodes!

The UK is much more actively looking for dates on Google, than their US-counterparts. Just look at the list of advertisers below that have been running for a full 365 days.
Remember: this is AdWords/Desktop only
US Dating is huge, but apparently not so on AdWords. Perhaps the US Media Buyers have found more appropriate Networks or are going Direct.
Notwithstanding, proportionately this reveals a lot about the UK's "singles-and-looking" market.
Feast your eyes on the media-buying revelations below...
arabmatchmaking.com arabmatchmaking.com flirchi.ru
charmingdate.com charmingdate.com partner.edarling.ru
chinese-lady.com chinese-lady.com
chnlove.asia chnlove.asia
christianmingle.com christianmingle.com
filipinocupid.com filipinocupid.com
fitness-singles.com fitness-singles.com
idateasia.com idateasia.com
thaimatches.com thaimatches.com
zoosk.com zoosk.com

Dating Quant.

The quantity of banner-ads per Country, 365 days

Obvious Outliers:

MatureDating UK

Clearly a massive advertiser in the UK, taking one sixth of the entire UK AdWords Dating space. They must be doing something right, as they were able to run 24 banners for 365 days.

Asian Dating

Single largest dating Ethnicity, accounting for a staggering 38% of the ad-space. Leading advertisers are: idateasia.com, 9.1% and thaimatches.com, 7.6%.

Muslim Dating

Although much more splintered, because of the amount of different sites, Muslim dating has bloomed in the last year. One fifth of UK AdWords ads go to this niche.

Amount of Advertisers by Ethnicity

Dating League Tables

Top UK Dating Advertiser
Advertiser: maturedatinguk.com
big advertisers by Ethnicity
Advertiser: idateasia.com, Top 2
Multi-image, "chat now" banners
Advertiser: idateasia.com's 3rd place banner
Advertiser: thaimatches.com, Top Banner
Advertiser: thaimatches.com, 2nd Banner
Advertiser: thaimatches.com, 3rd Banner
Advertiser: Muslima.com

Trend & Changes

Starting February 2014, a new type of banner started appearing, and in full force. All over the web these new style "multi-image, chat-now" banners were found. The top advertisers idateasia.com & charmingdate.com changed from the single image to multi-image/with chat or search icons inside the banner.

From what I can make out it seems that thaimatches.com started this trend, as the first appearance of this style started in August 2013.

However the Top Dog in UK dating is not following this trend: maturedatinguk.com did a small test-run, with men, but this banner did not show up a lot on recent scrapes.

iSingles.co.uk is differentiating themselves by running a very simple-looking generic "button banner":

New: multi-image banners
idateasia.com banner, 1st seen 19 Aug 2013
thaimatches.com OLD banner
thaimatches.com NEW banner
charmingdate.com OLD banner
charmingdate.com NEW banner
maturedatinguk.com Test run

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